Algoma Highlands Conservancy Award

The Algoma Highlands Conservancy Award shall be gifted annually to a student studying in the Natural Environment program area. This award recognizes an individual who best combines academic achievement with a commitment to one or more of the four core values of the Algoma Highlands Conservancy: conservation of the Algoma Highlands, environmental education and research, silent sport recreation, sustainable resource management.

Award Winner: Erica Rivett

Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited Award

Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited have established this award to recognize a first year Business student who demonstrates the most enthusiastic commitment to the principles and objectives of the program.

Award Winner: Mario Gionet

Algoma Steel Inc. Award of Excellence

The Algoma Steel Award of Excellence is funded by an endowment and is given annually to Sault College students enrolled in full-time studies in technical trades, engineering technology or computer studies. First consideration for this award is given to a child, grandchild or legal ward of a current employee or retiree of Algoma Steel Inc. Second consideration is given to a student who is a graduate of a secondary school in the Algoma District of Ontario. Consistent with Algoma Steel Inc.’s core values, recipients of this award are in the upper quartile of their class and have demonstrated an open and respectful attitude, maturity, entrepreneurial ability, accountability and a participative approach to group activities.

Award Winners: Adam Blais , Kaden Werner

Alzheimer Society of Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma District Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student registered in a Health and Community Services program. This scholarship is sponsored by the Alzheimer Society of Sault Ste. Marie/Algoma District and is presented to a student for academic achievement, volunteer work and to those showing a special interest in serving the long-term care population.

Award Winner: Mario Arop

Bill Armstrong Memorial Scholarship

Bill Armstrong, a charismatic and well-loved professor, was taken from us suddenly in 2008. In recognition of a wonderful teacher, friend and supporter of student success, this scholarship was established by OPSEU Local 613. Contributions to this scholarship have come from the college community, including faculty, support staff, management, students, retirees as well as Bill’s family. This scholarship recognizes a second- or third-year electrical student with preference to a “dual-diploma students” pursuing both an Electrical and Instrumentation diploma.

Award Winner: Robert Bird-Thompson

Marion Arthur Memorial Scholarship - Community Living Algoma

The Marion Arthur Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by Community Living Algoma in honour of Marion Arthur who, along with her husband, Jim, was instrumental in establishing pioneer supports and services for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Her main interest was in providing recreation and leisure opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. A second-year Community Integration Through Cooperative Education student has been chosen for this award.

Award Winner: Jeffrey Luck

Dr. Samarendranath Banerjee Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Samarendranath Banerjee Memorial Scholarship has been established in perpetuity by his wife, Hima Banerjee, in loving memory of her late husband. Dr. Banerjee was a renowned and well-respected orthopedic surgeon who served this community for more than 35 years with distinction, dedication, integrity and the utmost compassion for his patients. The interest generated by the total investment will be distributed yearly to first-, second-, third- and fourth-year BScN students. Sault College is pleased to recognize both the recipients of these awards as well as Dr. Banerjee and his family.

Award Winners: Cassandra Breckenridge , Sarah Cooper , Janki Patel , Rachel Rising

Dean Barkley Memorial Award

This award is presented to a student in the Truck and Coach – Heavy Duty Equipment Technician program in memory of Bryan Dean Barkley, who lost his life in a snowmobile accident. Dean’s future plans had included pursuing his interest in the Heavy Equipment field. The award was created by his sister, Valerie Uchmanowicz, and her husband, Karol.

Award Winner: Nicholas Bell

Pam Bent Conservation Award

Pam Bent, a summer resident of Johnson Township, made a bequest to The Kensington Conservancy to recognize students in Natural Environment and Outdoor Studies programs. The award recognizes good leadership skills, good academic achievement, global thinking and a passion above and beyond the program expectations.

Award Winner: Melanie Arthur

Franca Bernardo Memorial Award

Established by the family of the late Franca Bernardo this award recognizes an Esthetician student who exemplifies a genuine passion in the field of esthetics.

Award Winner: Ashley Pyne

Dr. Rose Meraglia Caicco Award

Dr. Rose Meraglia Caicco, a Sault College retiree, continues to support student success with the creation of this award for Office Administration – Executive (Accelerated) students. Dr. Caicco’s donation was matched by the Ontario government through the Ontario Trust for Student Support program. The recipient of this award has demonstrated integrity, a professional attitude, character, academic proficiency, a willingness to learn and qualities needed to be an effective team leader.

Award Winners: Jaisma Dicaire , Kerry Vipond

Canadian Institute Of Forestry Gold Medal

The Canadian Institute of Forestry sponsors this award for a student in the final year of the Forest Conservation program. The recipient is selected by the head of the department in recognition of outstanding academics, sportsmanship and citizenship.

Award Winner: Rimon Keleta

Canadian Tire Automotive Award of Merit

The Sault Ste. Marie Canadian Tire store recognizes a graduating Automotive Technician or Motive Power student pursuing a career in the trade. The recipient has demonstrated integrity and a willingness to learn while assisting others in their studies.

Award Winner: Nicholas Lacasse

Canadian Union of Skilled Workers Scholarship

These awards recognize a Community Integration Through Cooperative Education student demonstrating an outstanding work ethic and professionalism in field placement and a second-year Community Integration Through Cooperative Education student demonstrating most improvement and professionalism at field placement.

Award Winners: Steven MacPherson , Quynlan Vuorensyrja

Walter Ceolin Award

This award, sponsored by the Ontario Conservation Officers’ Association, is dedicated to the memory of Walter Ceolin. It is awarded to a second-year Fish and Wildlife Conservation student who has demonstrated integrity and leadership in the application of Fish and Wildlife management principles to the field of law enforcement.

Award Winner: Elijah Eden

Mike Channer Memorial Award

Family, friends and colleagues of the late Mike Channer have established this award to recognize the Aviation student earning the highest commercial flight test mark.

Award Winner: Nicholas Borovski

Child Care Algoma Exceptional Student Award

Established by Child Care Algoma, this award recognizes a student who exemplifies an overall passion to the field of Early Childhood Education. The recipient is professional, compassionate, a team player, has excellent communication skills and demonstrates integrity.

Award Winner: Chelsey Rowan

Julie Christenson Memorial Award

In loving memory of their dear friend Julie, the Birkshire Book Club has created this award to recognize an Office Administration student who is well-rounded academically and socially, personable and outgoing, a good team player and a positive role model for others.

Award Winner: Jillian Eusebi

Brenda Combs Premier`s Awards Community Services Award

Brenda Combs is a 1982 graduate of Sault College and the recipient of the 2011 Ontario Premier’s Award for Community Service. She continues to work in the field of social work. This award recognizes an Indigenous student in the first year Social Services Worker – Indigenous Specialization program who is improving their social and economic life, their family’s life and the future lives of their community through the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers of wisdom, love, respect, honesty, humility, bravery and truth, through a college education.

Award Winner: Elizabeth Nahwegezhic

Lawrence Connolly Memorial Award

This award was established by the Connolly family and friends in memory of Lawrence. He believed in the benefit of a post-secondary education for future generations. The award is presented to a second-year Early Childhood Education student who exemplifies Lawrence’s qualities of a strong work ethic and a generous and non-judgmental nature.

Award Winner: Tineka Huffels

Eleanor Dalseg Memorial Scholarship

Established in memory of the late Eleanor Dalseg, second-year Practical Nursing students who have demonstrated a high level of patient care and clinical excellence are considered for this award.

Award Winner: Vishwa Patadiya

Michael Joseph De Francesco Memorial Award

Established by the late Michael Joseph De Francesco’s father, Fred, this award recognizes a student in the Aviation program that has successfully completed year one and to whom the financial assistance would be most valuable.

Award Winner: Aedan Kelly

Doyle Family Scholarship

Mr. Ron Doyle, a former President of Sault College, established this award a number of years ago. Students enrolled in the first year of a Health or Community Services program are considered. This award is tenable for the second year after successful completion of first year. Mr. Doyle’s family now contributes to this award each year to ensure its continued success.

Award Winner: Ashley Ann Beaton

Early Childhood Education Collaboration Award

This award recognizes a student who works collaboratively with peers and uses positive interpersonal skills to build effective relationships in ways that show respect for the diverse opinions, values, belief systems and contributions of others.

Award Winner: Julie Gagnon

The Lynn Dee Eason Award, Office Administration

Over more than 30 years of teaching, Lynn Dee Eason has witnessed and admired the courage of Office Administration students who, often under very difficult circumstances, have chosen to improve the lives of themselves and their families through education. This award, recognizes the valuable life experience gained prior to enrolment as well as the commitment and effort needed to acquire and apply new knowledge. It rewards the tenacity, moral fibre, and courage required to stand up tall in the face of adversity and do the work to achieve one’s full potential.

Award Winner: Steven MacPherson

Joe Eder Memorial Scholarship

Family of the late Joe Eder have established this award to recognize outstanding graduating students from the Automotive Service Technician – Heavy Equipment program.

Award Winner: Matthew Werth

Michael Farelli Memorial Award

This award was established in memory of the late Michael Farelli’s ongoing commitment and dedication to the Hairstyling program. A student demonstrating a flair for hairstyling and showing professional promise is selected for this award.

Award Winner: Aimee Warren

First Year Design Merit Award

This award is sponsored by Frank Salituri, Coordinator, Media and Design. A Graphic Design – Digital Media student with the highest overall GPA in first-year classes has been selected for this award.

Award Winner: Jayda Avilla

Sara Fryia Memorial Scholarship

Established by family members of the late Sara Fryia, this scholarship recognizes Pre-Health students for demonstrating commitment, a positive attitude and promise in the Pre-Health program.

Award Winner: Ciara Doyle

Ruth Galinis Scholarship Award

This scholarship is sponsored by Ruth Galinis, a past member of the Board of Governors at Sault College. Ruth’s ongoing commitment to student success is appreciated.

Award Winner: Kelly Durocher

Francine Gauthier Memorial Scholarship

This award is sponsored by Joan Moore, a retired faculty member of the Office Administration program, in memory of the late Francine Gauthier, a second-year student in the Office Administration – Executive program. The award is presented to a student in the Office Administration program who demonstrates conscientiousness, dedication, and commitment to lifelong learning for the betterment of self, family, and community.

Award Winner: Trisha Carriere

Donald J. Gerrie Memorial Scholarshp

Through a generous donation from Bridge Inc., this endowment is now named in honour of one of the three founding members of this Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes a Sault College student continuing his/her education at Lake Superior State University (or in the absence of a candidate pursuing and education at LSSU, a student continuing his/her education at Algoma University).

Award Winner: Alaina Roswell

Governor General’s Academic Medal Award

Since 1873, Governor Generals of Canada have sponsored a medal to encourage and recognize excellent academics at various levels of the educational system.  It is awarded to the student who has achieved the highest academic standing in the College in the final year of a three year program.  This very prestigious award – a collegiate bronze medal – is administered by the Chancellery of Canadian Orders and Decorations and is presented to the top 2020 graduate.

Award Winner: James Mahler

Sammy Graham Memorial Award

This award was established by the family and friends of the late Sammy Graham taken from us on November 12, 2020. This award is to be presented to an individual, who like Sammy, gives his/her all 100% of the time, is gentle, kind, generous, funny, helpful and a beautiful soul. Sammy would have made a difference in this field given the opportunity. He was always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need, and would like to this award to someone who will work hard to make a difference.

Award Winner: Justin Boucher

Roderick Borden Gray G. C. Memorial Scholarship (George Cross)

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. Gray and family have created this scholarship for third-year Aviation students. The Gray’s generous donation was matched by the Ontario Trust for Student Support and recognizes a student who is both professional and dedicated. Roderick Borden Gray is one of only 10 Canadians to ever be awarded the George Cross, the Commonwealth’s second highest award for gallantry. We are pleased to recognize Flying Officer, Roderick Borden Gray G.C.

Award Winner: Mendelt Elsinga

Healthy Minds on Campus Award

This award is made available through fundraising by the Mental Health Initiative and presented to a student who has worked to promote mental health and/or stigma reduction on the Sault College campus.

Award Winner: Cady Taylor

The Gwen Iburg Bursary

This award established by Gwen Iburg, a Sault College faculty retiree, recognizes a student who is safe, ethical and competent clinically. The recipient has demonstrated a commitment to learning by demonstrating consistent class attendance, meeting required deadlines and being prepared for class and clinical.

Award Winner: Nicole Zufelt

IPC Securities Award

This award is presented to a student in the Office Administration Program who possesses a mastery of office skills and has demonstrated the ability to assume responsibility, make decisions and display initiative.

Award Winner: Santana Kring

The Jazz Aviation Pathway Award For Professionalism and Diversity

Awarded to a full-time student in the final year of the Aviation program, who has self-identified as an Aboriginal, a person with a disability, a visible minority or female for outstanding contributions to safety, leadership and professionalism. The Award will consist of a $3,000 scholarship and an opportunity to participate in the JAZZ Aviation Pathway Program (*JAZZ APP) selection process. The criteria for determining the award shall consider the applicant who exemplifies JAZZ Aviation’s vision of a professional pilot. They are knowledgeable of aircraft systems, standard operating procedures and regulations. They understand the important part they play in ensuring the effectiveness of a safety management system. They act as an effective member of a team who knows when it is appropriate to lead or to follow, in order to complete a flight in a safe and efficient manner.

Award Winner: Hannah Dey

The Jazz Aviation Pathway Award For Professionalism

Awarded to a full-time student in the final year of the Aviation program, for outstanding contributions to safety, leadership and professionalism. The Award will consist of a $3,000 scholarship and an opportunity to participate in the JAZZ Aviation Pathway Program (*JAZZ APP) selection process. The criteria for determining the award shall consider the applicant who exemplifies JAZZ Aviation’s vision of a professional pilot. They are knowledgeable of aircraft systems, standard operating procedures and regulations. They understand the important part they play in ensuring the effectiveness of a safety management system. They act as an effective member of a team who knows when it is appropriate to lead or to follow, in order to complete a flight in a safe and efficient manner.

Award Winner: Silas Allen

The Henry Johnson Timber Scholarship

This award is presented to the student who best combines athletics and academic studies and possesses proven leadership qualities. The award is sponsored by Henry Johnson’s two sons, Andrew and Donald.

Award Winner: Katrina Ashfield

Sister Rita Kennedy Memorial Award

Established by friends and colleagues of the late Sister Rita Kennedy, this award recognizes a BScN student who has consistently demonstrated a thorough grounding in broad based community focused nursing practice.

Award Winner: Sarah Devoe

The Greg (Powder) King Memorial Award

Jim and Marilyn King, family, friends and colleagues created this award for nursing students. The generous donations from everyone were matched by the Ontario Trust for Student Support to further sustain this award. Greg “Powder” King was a very unique individual who lived with Cystic Fibrosis and passed away on May 19, 2009 after a double-lung transplant. His memory is being honoured by encouraging nursing students to provide the very best patient-centered care, now and throughout their career.

Award Winners: Eryn Blanchard , Teresa Pedalino

Joseph Kuchma Memorial ALS Scholarship

This scholarship was created as a memorial to Joseph Kuchma, a professor at Sault College from 1979 to 1992. With a nationally recognized reputation as one of Canada’s best advertising creative directors, Joe developed the Advertising Management program at Sault College and launched the careers of many successful students. This award is also intended to create awareness of (ALS) Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig disease.

Award Winner: Mark Bonner

The Nicholas Little Memorial Award

This scholarship was established by Kaila McLeod (widow), Bodil Little (mom), Martin and Rebecca Little (siblings). It was also made possible by all those who loved and cared for Nick and donated to the memorial fund. This award is to honour the memory of Nicholas Little who was a proud graduate of the Sault College Aviation program. The recipient will reflect the qualities of Nick by being a well-rounded Aviation student who has a positive attitude, quick witted humour, patience, and a warm, caring nature.

Award Winner: Isaac Boudreau Robinson

Losee Memorial Award

Each year the Central Ontario Section of the Canadian Institute of Forestry sponsors the Losee Memorial Award in honour of Mr. Stan Losee, a renowned photogrammetrist. Mr. Losee was a forester with Abitibi Pulp and Paper Company and served on one of the College’s first Advisory Committees for the Forestry program. Students in the second year of the Forest Conservation program are eligible for this award.

Award Winner: Stevie Wielgosch

MacEwan Family Award

This award is presented annually to a student in the Graphic Design program. Neil MacEwan and his family have made a generous donation to the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund to support this award.

Award Winner: Christina Biron

Machine Shop Association Scholarship

Sponsored by the Machine Shop Association (MSA), this award is presented to a first- or second-year student enrolled in Mechanical Techniques-Industrial Maintenance, Mechanical Techniques - Machine Shop or Mechanical Engineering Technician - Manufacturing programs. The recipient has demonstrated strong academic performance and self-motivation with evidence of strong leadership skills.

Award Winner: Steven Avati

Rod and Sandra MacLeod and Family/OACETT Award

OACETT (Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists) has established this award to recognize a full-time student who best exemplifies the key precepts related to integrity and professionalism in the practice of engineering technology.

Award Winner: Jarrid Smith

Kari MacPherson Memorial Award

The Kari MacPherson Memorial Award was established in loving memory of Kari Noelle MacPherson (a Sault College graduate) by her mother, Joy Pryce. Presented annually, this award recognizes deserving female students who have a keen interest in the Environment and/or English.

Award Winner: Dana Sandercock

Joseph Maione Memorial Scholarship

Joseph Maione, a strong supporter of Sault College students, is remembered for his contributions to student success. The recipient of this award is recognized for demonstrating leadership, teamwork and strong community values.

Award Winner: Jordan Reinke

The Marion Marks RNAO Award

Established by the Algoma Chapter of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, this award is presented to a BScN student for above-average academic and clinical achievement. A 500-word essay is required as part of the criteria for this award.

Award Winner: Nicole Boyer-Roberts

Hazel McBride-Kane Memorial Scholarship

Talented, hard-working and dedicated best describe Hazel McBride-Kane, a professor in the Native Education Department from 1991 to 1995. This award was established by her friends and family as a commemorative tribute to a remarkable woman whose commitment to education, the arts, and her culture was truly inspiring.

Award Winner: Olivia Gray

McDougall Energy and ESSO Fuelling the Future Award

McDougall Energy and Esso have combined to establish this award for Motive Power or Skilled Trades students from Thessalon or the North Shore. The recipient is a student who demonstrates best practices and is an advocate of Health and Safety in the classroom.

Award Winner: Maverick Beitz

The Gary and Joanie McGuffin Conservation Leadership Award

Gary and Joanie McGuffin created this award, which was matched by the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund to recognize an Adventure Recreation and Parks student who best exhibits class leadership, community involvement/volunteerism, and contribution to wellness of the community and its environment.

Award Winner: Brittany Nickerson

Gerald and Kaye McGuire Scholarship

This award was established by Sault College’s third President, Gerald McGuire and his wife Kaye. Gerry, as he was affectionately referred to by staff and students, held a number of roles at Sault College before serving as our President. Gerry held a special place in his heart for students who were involved in extra-curricular activities such as athletics, program clubs or the Sault College Students' Union.

Award Winner: Ajaykumar Ajitha Jayakumar

Gerald McGuire International Scholarship

This award was established by the Sault College Board of Governors in recognition of Past-President Gerald McGuire’s tremendous contributions to College life. The scholarship is presented to a student in his/her last year of studies at Sault College en route to junior-year studies at Lake Superior State University.

Award Winner: Alaina Roswell

Carol McLelland Memorial Award

An Office Administration student who demonstrates perseverance and strives to succeed is selected for this award. Established by Cathy McLelland in loving memory of her mother.

Award Winner: Madison Crigger

Joseph McLeod Memorial Award

Those who had the privilege of knowing Joseph McLeod will remember him for his wit and humour, his deep affection for friends and family, and his extraordinary love of life. He was a courageous man who never lost the boy inside himself, even in the face of death. It is, therefore, fitting that this award for consistent demonstration of warmth and genuineness by a third-year Child and Youth Care student be given in his memory.

Award Winner: Ashley Carbone

David McNutt Memorial Award

This award was created in memory of David McNutt, a College employee, by his family. A student demonstrating consistent warmth and genuineness towards others is selected.

Award Winner: Jeffrey Luck

Dorothy Medhurst Award

The Dorothy Medhurst Award was initiated in 1984. The award is offered to a second-year student in the Early Childhood Education program. It was established to pay tribute to Ms. Dorothy Medhurst, considered one of Canada’s most extraordinary teachers, a “pied piper” of art and nature study for 50 years. For many years, Ms. Medhurst taught art at the Institute of Child Study at the University of Toronto. Her guiding principle has been that the uninhibited minds of all children are fertile soil for art, for they can express themselves with a freedom beyond adults.

Award Winner: Katie Lynn Baxter

Ron Morphet Memorial Scholarship

The partners and staff of KPMG, as well as friends and family of the late Ron Morphet, have established the Ron Morphet Memorial Scholarship. This award honours BScN students who have best demonstrated the qualities of a caring, compassionate nurse.

Award Winners: Lauren Burella , Jonathan Hammond

John Myles Memorial Bursary

First-year Adventure Recreation and Parks students are recognized with this award, also established in memory of the late John Myles.

Award Winner: Todd Dolk

NEOS Achievement Award

Two students graduating from any Natural Environment and Outdoor Studies (NEOS) program best exhibiting a combination of academic excellence and participation in extra-curricular activities are recognized with this award.

Award Winners: Cassidy Dunnet , Evan Sinclair

The Nighthawk Flying Club Annual Award

The Nighthawk Flying Club, based in Iroquois Falls, Ontario, established this Award with matching dollars from the Ontario Trust for Student Support to recognize a third-year Aviation student from northern Ontario.

Award Winner: Conrad Nori

The J. Donald Nixon Family Scholarship

A substantial endowment from Donald and George Nixon supports the Sault College Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards program. A first-year Social Service Worker student demonstrating academic excellence, merit and contribution to the program is selected for this award.

Award Winner: Melissa Desaulnier

Elizabeth Nixon Memorial Scholarship

Her teaching style was innovative and effective, and she was deeply committed to the welfare of her students, both in and out of the classroom. Her zest for life was unmistakable. Liz is remembered with affection and respect by friends, family, and co-workers who honour her memory with this Scholarship. Donald Nixon and his son George have made a substantial contribution to this award to ensure it will be available in perpetuity. A plaque in memory of Elizabeth Nixon is also presented to the recipient.

Award Winner: Courtney Adams

Ian Nixon Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy and Peter Nixon have established this Scholarship in loving memory of their son, Ian. A student residing in the District of Algoma, but outside the city of Sault Ste. Marie, is recognized for academic excellence, volunteer activities and character.

Award Winner: Sarah Tremelling

Kiem Lan NJOO Recognition Award

An upper year Practical Nursing or BScN student who has demonstrated compassion as well as commitment and has exhibited good academic performance has been selected for this award.

Award Winner: Alicia Solomon

The Rose Nolan Scholarship

Since 2002, the goal of the Ted Nolan Foundation has been to encourage Aboriginal youth to pursue academic growth for a better future. Ted believes that Today’s Youth will be Tomorrow’s Leaders. The Rose Nolan Scholarship, named after Ted’s mother was established to help First Nation Women achieve their education and training goals, while maintaining strong community involvement. To date, the Foundation has awarded over 121 scholarships totaling more than $300,000 to women attending post-secondary institutions across the country. The Ted Nolan Foundation is proud to partner with Sault College to continue granting scholarships to deserving First Nation women. Ted believes the real strength of a family lies within woman. Two scholarships valued at $2,500 each will be presented each year to First Nation women enrolled at Sault College. ****Inspiration is the seed that blooms into a Rose*****

Award Winners: Trisha Boyer , Jenelle Manitowabi

Miyah Odber Memorial Award

This award was created in memory of our granddaughter Miyah. During this difficult time for our family, there were many nurses who made a huge impact on our family. These nurses were compassionate, caring and most of all advocates for Miyah and her family. Their dedication was clearly shown in the way they cared for and interacted with the family. Miyah’s nurses touched our lives in ways they might not even be aware of. Miyah’s absence in our lives, but especially in her sisters – Addison, Brooke, Zoey and Gabriella - will be forever missed.

Award Winners: Jessica Fessl , Madeline Gouin , Erikka Jaaskelainen , Cassidy Lynk

Olesia Orazietti Memorial Scholarship

This award is dedicated to the memory of the late Olesia Orazietti by family and friends. It is awarded to a student displaying strong Christian values, a genuine concern and interest in others, and a high regard for truth, honesty and personal integrity. Olesia was employed in the Sault College Library from 1978 to 1994. She was a kind and compassionate woman.

Award Winner: Abbey Engel

William Bud Parsons Memorial Scholarship

This award is presented to a student in the Truck and Coach/Heavy Duty Equipment program in memory of Bud Parsons, who spent his entire 45-year career in the Motive Power industry as a Certified Heavy Equipment Technician and a Certified Automotive Technician. Bud was employed by two large heavy-equipment dealerships and was a small-business owner of Parson’s Heavy Equipment and Auto Service. He was an avid supporter of apprenticeship programs and has three sons who followed Dad into the trade and are all Qualified Interprovincial Technicians in the Motive Power Trade. Bud passed away in November 2003 and this award was created in his memory by his family to honour his dedication to the Motive Power industry.

Award Winner: Tyler Barber

Drs. Bijan and Simin Payandeh Scholarship

Dr. Bijan Payandeh and Dr. Simin Payandeh came to Canada over 50 years ago. Since Bijan had accepted a Research Scientist position from the Canadian Forestry Service to join the Great Lakes Forestry Research Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, they settled in this community. They have overcome numerous financial, immigration and Provincial Board Exam obstacles successfully. Bijan worked as a Forest Biometrician for 30 years and Simin as a dental Surgeon for 38 years. They worked very hard, saved and invested where they could. Both were recognized by the late Shah of Iran, receiving medals for high scholastic achievements and educational scholarships. Having contributed to the community in every which way they knew, they decided to establish these scholarships as a lasting tribute to their names. The legacy of Dr. Bijan and Dr. Simin Payandeh will continue in many ways, including through their family. “We were blessed with three healthy, bright children, Nina Lynn (an Alumni of Sault College, with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education, living in Sault Ste. Marie), Dr. Jubin Bijan (a well-recognized Orthopaedic Surgion in Thunder Bay) and Dr. Jian Mehr-Dean (a Principal Scientist in Structural Biology at Genentech Pharma, in South San Franscico, California). We raised them to best of our ability and by the Zoroastrian principles of “Good Thoughts, Good Deeds and Good Words”.

Award Winners: Lee-Anne Jarrett , Rimon Keleta

The Francis Pegahmagabow Memorial Scholarship

Francis Pegahmagabow (March 9, 1891 – August 5, 1952) was born on what is now the Shawanaga First Nation. He was orphaned at an early age and was raised by the Shawanaga First Nation community. Prior to the war, Pegahmagabow worked as a marine fireman for the Department of Marine and Fisheries on the Great Lakes. During the War, Francis Pegahmagabow MM and Two bars was the First Nations soldier most highly decorated for bravery in Canadian military history and the most effective sniper of World War I. Three times awarded the Military Medal and seriously wounded, he was an expert marksman and scout. Later in life, he served as chief and a councilor for the Wasauksing First Nation, and as an activist and leader in several First Nation organizations. Elizabeth Vinassac established this award which is presented to a full-time student of Indigenous descent.

Award Winner: Cheyanna Musgrove

Keith Robert Pelew Memorial Scholarship

Loretta Pelew, wife of the late Keith Pelew, has generously donated this award to recognize second-year mathematics students demonstrating academic excellence. Mr. Pelew’s good friend, Joe Lucchetti, has also made a generous donation to this scholarship which has been matched by the Ontario Trust for Student Support.

Award Winner: Connor Webster

Shelby Pepin Memorial Award

Presented to a second year Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician student who, like Shelby, demonstrates respect and passion for wildlife, the wilderness and outdoor adventures. Shelby showed her love and respect for animals, plants, wildlife and the wilderness at a very young age. She saw the beauty in things most of us take for granted. She shared what she saw in her photography and artwork. Shelby would spend most of her free time in the bush hiking, snowshoeing, fishing, kayaking, cross country skiing, biking or just driving down a dirt road. The last few years of her life she found friend and classmates that shared her passion for the outdoors and adventures. At Sault College she was able to share her passion and also learned new skills such as winter camping, ice and rock climbing. Shelby lived her life to the fullest and will be remembered for her outgoing personality, beautiful smile and contagious laughter. Shelby touched many in her short life and will never be forgotten by those who were lucky enough to have known her.

Award Winner: Jordan Winter

President`s Academic Excellence Scholarship

First year students who have applied for this scholarship and who have achieved a 4.0 GPA after one semester are recognized for this award.

Award Winners: Ajaykumar Ajitha Jayakumar , Sheila Alinsub , Stacey Anderson , Katrina Ashfield , Jayda Avilla , Brooke Bechtel , Christopher Bonin , Michael Bourdeau , Cassandra Breckenridge , Harold Brown , Crystal Craig-Frech , Adele Danis , Yatrikkumar Dave , Miranda DeMarco , Alicia Di Lollo , Jaisma Dicaire , Merissa Dinner , Carl Dion , Todd Dolk , Amanda Drinkwater , Narendra Durgasi , Abbey Engel , Ryan Enoch , Katherine Filion , Ishan Gadkari , Divyaben Gajera , Hannah Gibson-Wilhelm , Riley Glover , Rajpreet Grahe , Kendall Gray , Allyson Grenon , Ingrid Guerra Paez , Anatoli Hailemariam , Joshua Henderson , Justin Henderson , Brenna Ianni-Lucio , Revathi Iyyappan , Bhavinee Jankar , Sandeep Kaur Jawandha , Pan Jiang , Gregory Johnson , Whitney Kagige , Amandeep Kaur , Jaspreet Kaur , Manjot Kaur , Parneet Kaur , Prabhdeep Kaur , Ramandeep Kaur , Ramandeep Kaur , Ramanpreet Kaur , Sukhvinder Kaur , Andrea Kennedy-Mitchell , Kamal Khatri , Sophie Kinson , Cora Kominos , Madison Lloyd , Thomas Mah , Kristi-Lee Marshall , Ashley Matthews , Keanna Moser , Cheyanna Musgrove , Elizabeth Nahwegezhic , Elicia O'Brien , Ijeoma Oaikhena , Ruby Ocate , Christina Palumbo , Prashantbhai Patel , Shreya Patel , Mateo Perri , Ashley Pyne , Kranthi Pyreddy , Dorret Rattray , Dana Sandercock , Paul Schaer , Gulfisha Shaikh , Devanshi Sheth , Brittany Strachan , Jillian Turcotte , Osayemwenre Ukhuegbe , Kondala Uppalapati , Roberto Vallado Pacheco , Victoria Wardell , Aimee Warren , Vijin Wilson , Christiana Young

Tommy Prince - World War II and Korean War Native Veteran Scholarship

Sgt. Tommy Prince, from Brokenhead Band in Scanterbury, Manitoba, received the highest military decorations for bravery, the Silver Star and the Military Medal. An excellent marksman, Tommy was an army spotter in World War II in Europe and brought down heavy artillery fire on the enemy at the risk of his life. He served in the elite “Devil’s Brigade” for the duration of the war, then re-enlisted in the Korean War years later. Tommy wore well the mantle of his grandfather, Peguis, the famous Saulteaux Chief.

Award Winner: Danielle Bell

Retired Teachers of Algoma Scholarship

The Retired Teachers of Ontario – District 3 Algoma sponsor this award for a full-time student who has demonstrated a significant commitment to volunteering over the past eighteen months.

Award Winner: Ali Hassan

Rome`s Independent Grocer Award

This award, generously donated by Chris and Kendra Rome of Rome’s Independent Grocer, is presented to the top “all-around” hospitality student. The successful recipient is chosen based on academics, organizational skills, enthusiasm, team commitment and initiative.

Award Winner: Rebecca King

Sault College Retirees Award

Sault College’s retirees continue to contribute to the success of our students through the Sault College Retirees Awards. Generous ongoing donations by retirees support three awards made to worthy students in any first-year program who have demonstrated financial need. Annual donations supplement the interest earned on award funds, some of which originated with a former Ontario Government student support program.

Award Winners: Jaden Grisdale , Erikka Jaaskelainen , Maha Minni

Sault Recreation Hockey Association Fun Through Recreation Award

The Sault Recreation Hockey Association disbanded after the 2004/05 hockey season. Remaining funds from their various fundraisers were graciously donated to Sault College and matched by the Ontario government. This award recognizes students who have participated in minor hockey.

Award Winners: Michael Bourdeau , Danielle Field , Maya Lortie , Jenelle Manitowabi , Brandon Miller , Mateo Perri , Alaina Roswell , Noah Serre , Mark Tassone , Dawson Waddell

The Aniruddh Sawant Commemorative Award

The family of Aniruddh “Ani” Sawant have established this award in memory of their son who was tragically taken shortly after graduating from the Sault College Aviation program. A graduating student who has a deep passion to fly – whose character, like Ani’s - would make the world a better place. The qualities of this recipient include: thoughtful and considerate of other people, willing to lend a helping hand, quiet determination and commitment, dedicated to always doing his/her best, independent spirit, interested in travel, other cultures, global outlook; and inspirational. This Award will assist the recipient in obtaining his/her Instructor’s rating.

Award Winner: Silas Allen

Wade Seguin Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the family, friends and colleagues of the late Wade Seguin to be awarded to a full-time student continuing into the second or third year of a technical trade or engineering technology program with a preference for students who have returned to school and have a passion for the construction industry. Special consideration is given to a student whose achievements are based on an outstanding work ethic and professionalism, has consistent class attendance, meets required deadlines, demonstrates leadership and a positive attitude, is respectful and considerate, demonstrates a willingness to help others succeed. Someone whose character, like Wade’s, would make the world a better place.

Award Winner: Anita Ansley

Krista Sepp Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by friends and family in memory of Krista Sepp, a 1988 graduate of the Child and Youth Worker program at Sault College. This award recognizes a third-year Child and Youth Care program student for academic excellence, professional attitude and commitment.

Award Winner: Shawna-Rae Larocque

Spirit of Silvilog Award

This award is given to Natural Environment and Outdoor Studies students who best demonstrate a combination of academic success, environmental leadership and who exhibit a keen desire to share their environmental knowledge.

Award Winners: Carl Dion , Ruby Ocate

St. Mary`s School Of Nursing Alumnae Award – Sault Ste. Marie

This award is sponsored by the Nursing Alumnae of St. Mary’s School of Nursing. This school existed at the General Hospital, Sault Ste. Marie, primarily under the Grey Nuns of the Immaculate Conception, from 1908 to 1971. The recipient will demonstrate excellence in clinical proficiency and academic marks as well as high levels of ethical and compassionate care. The award will assist a returning student during their Bachelor of Science in Nursing education. Descendants of St. Mary’s School of Nursing graduates are given first consideration for this award, to continue the proud tradition of this school.

Award Winner: Averi-Marie Thibodeau

Adam Sugden Memorial Award

This award recognizes students in the Forest Conservation program. The recipient has demonstrated academic achievement, enthusiasm and commitment to the principles and objectives of the program. Adam’s loving wife, Judith Rose continues to support this award in his memory.

Award Winner: Adam Paliga

Dr. (Mrs.) Alam Sundaram Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. (Mrs.) Alam Sundaram Memorial Scholarship was established to provide awards in perpetuity by her husband, Dr. Somu Sundaram, to express his eternal love, respect, admiration and gratitude to his angelic wife. Dr. Alam Sundaram was a world-renowned and exemplary Scientist and Academician who worked for the federal government (Health Canada in Ottawa and Canadian Forestry Service in Sault Ste. Marie) for nearly 27 years. She served with distinction, utmost dedication and integrity in advancing scientific research in diverse areas and pioneered to promote and uplift the quality of life for the citizens of this wonderful country. An initial donation, from Dr. Somu Sundaram of $40,000 with the matching grant from the Ontario government.

Award Winners: Teniel Boyer , Jakob Flood , Ashley Meeks , Serena Scott , Alicia Solomon

William Tank Memorial Scholarship

Bob and Karen Tank are sponsors of this award in memory of their son. An Occupational Therapy Assistant/Physiotherapy Assistant student who best represents the qualities of the program has been selected.

Award Winner: Kayla Short

Mario Tosello Memorial Human Services Award

This award is in memory of Mario Tosello, a wonderful man who believed in the dignity of risk and importance of empowerment. The award is for a student in a Human Service program who has demonstrated his/her commitment to advocacy and empowerment in working with individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Award Winner: Kristen Auer

Mario Tosello Memorial Scholarship

This award was established by Community Living Algoma. Catherine Tosello contributes to the scholarship as well, in memory of her much-loved husband. This award is presented to a Community Integration Through Cooperative Education student who has shown dedication and outstanding improvement in their area of study in the Community Integration Through Cooperative Education program. This award is in memory of Mario Tosello, a dedicated and thoughtful employee of Community Living Algoma, and the loving husband of Catherine Tosello.

Award Winner: Emily McKiernan

James Turner Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by family and friends of the late James Turner, a faculty member in the Law and Security program. Two awards are available to second year students who have displayed dedication, integrity, and demeanor, indicative of the devotion given by James Turner.

Award Winners: Cole Grigg , Hunter Schumacher

Lindsay Ann Watkins Memorial Award

This award established by the Gaetano family, Randy, Sandra, Kristian and Marissa (Penney) in memory of the late Lindsay Ann Watkins, recognizes a student who has overcome personal trials and challenges to achieve success in their studies. A testament to the belief of “never giving up”.

Award Winner: Leoncia Niyigena

Tom White Athletics Award

For over 15 seasons, Tom White gave endless hours of personal time to build a Basketball program at Sault College. Over the years, he worked to build team work, co-operation and trust. His efforts to foster a strong Basketball program at Sault College helped many young men grow and mature. The Athletics department at Sault College is eternally grateful for his contribution to student life. His quiet and strong leadership is missed. Tom always served the College and its students with hard work, dedication, and professionalism. His success could be measured in the many students he helped and the strong impact he made on their lives. Not many people can measure the value of their work in such real terms. Tom was posthumously inducted into the Ontario College Athletic Association Hall of Fame, coaching section, in May 2005. As a permanent testament to his commitment to students, and for contributions to the Sault College basketball program, the Tom White Athletics Award was established. This award annually recognizes a student who maintains a successful academic standing and who demonstrates dedication to the game of basketball. This player shows the most heart and continually strives to do better. This student will be the one who demonstrates concern and compassion for fellow teammates. This student exemplifies those special qualities that Tom possessed. This student will be a great leader!

Award Winner: Dante Menon

Kendra Wildman Memorial Award

The Kendra Wildman Memorial Award was established in memory of Kendra Wildman by Sault College staff. The family of the late Kendra Wildman continue to contribute to this award to recognize female students pursuing their dreams of continuous learning.

Award Winner: Deann Neyland

M.R. Wright and Family Award

The M.R. Wright and family Award was established in 1975. It was established by Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Wright and continues to be sponsored by the M.R. Wright family. Students enrolled in engineering technician/technology programs are considered for this award.

Award Winners: Weston Moffat , Dawson Waddell

Rhonda Wright Recognition Award

Upon her retirement, the Sault College Board of Governors established this award in recognition of Rhonda Wright, a long-standing administrative employee and past member of the Board of Governors. This award is presented to a student in the Automotive Services program whose achievements are based upon a strong work ethic, as demonstrated by meeting or exceeding personal goals, who brings a positive attitude to class and has demonstrated a continued willingness to help others succeed in the program.

Award Winner: Jaspreet Singh Jassi

T. Donald Wright Administrative Award

In memory of Don Wright, a Sault Ste. Marie small business owner, this award is presented to an Office Administration Executive student who embodies Don’s core values – integrity, reliability, and commitment.

Award Winner: Stephen Bos

Tyler Yuke Memorial Award

Tyler Yuke was a first-year Adventure Recreation and Parks student who tragically lost his life while rock-climbing. Tyler’s love of Sault College and passion for extra-curricular activities are recognized through this award.

Award Winner: Loris Elliott